Connect to the Sacredness of Motherhood

Are you an overwhelmed, exhausted and/or bored mama, feeling stuck and lonely in the daily grind of motherhood, yearning for more connection and passion in your life?

  • Do you feel lonely or isolated and want more connection to other mothers who understand what life is like as a mother?
  • Are you missing or wanting more of a sense of passion, aliveness or creativity in your life?
  • Have you had an interest in exploring spirituality and how it can play a supportive role in your life?
  • Did you once have a strong spiritual life and spiritual practice that you have found difficult to reconnect to during motherhood?
  • Do you feel a loss of identity as you try to navigate your role as both a mother and woman separate from your children?

Your soul is yearning for connection to magic and spirituality – the sacred practices of motherhood that have been forgotten by much of western culture. 

You are an exhausted, overwhelmed, lonely or bored mama at any stage of motherhood, whether your child is in your womb or has flown out of the nest. The daily grind of making a baby or caring for children has zapped your life force. You struggle to connect to who you are as a woman and feel a yearning to (re)connect to your passion and creativity. Maybe you use to have a spiritual practice that lit you up and helped you stay grounded, and it has been difficult to stay connected to it in motherhood.

It can be hard to prioritize and set aside time to join a circle like this when you are balancing family needs and possibly also work life. Paying for something like this may feel selfishly like too much to spend. Being vulnerable in front of other women you may not know feels overwhelming and scary. And the potential of getting involved in something too “woo-woo” or “new-agey” doesn’t sound like your cup of tea. Motherhood is a constant juggling act of figuring out how to show up well for your family, for work and for yourself. Budgeting self care is no easy feat when basic needs must be met first and everyone in the family has needs and wants we are trying to fulfill. Being vulnerable in front of other women can be so difficult as American culture has left many women wheeling from painful experiences of “mean girls” in childhood and adolescence. It can feel really unsafe to be vulnerable and authentically ourselves in community. And trying to navigate what spirituality is or what that means to you may feel too confusing. There are many people offering spiritual gatherings that are really out there and that do cause more harm then good or feel silly and laughable.

Sacred Motherhood Circles are open to all mothers, whether you are a cis or transgendered woman, whether you are a birth or adoptive or step mother, and whether your child is still in the womb or out of the nest. Sacred Motherhood Circles are born from the book “Sacred Motherhood, An Inspirational Guide and Journal for Mindful Mothering,” by Anni Daulter and Niki Dewart. They were created by and for women committed to fanning the soul spark while mothering their children, and ultimately, the world. Every third Sunday of the month at the Birth Center of Boulder, each circle gathering delves into a topic that speaks to the eternal, sacred seed within all women. Together, we cultivate mindful mothering, enhance daily and yearly rhythms within the home and nurture sacred motherhood practices that keep mamas lit up! We tap our inner worlds through ceremony, writing, movement, song, beauty and solo time. And we weave our togetherness through deep sharing, collective creativity, and celebration. 


Sacred Motherhood Circles offer women anywhere on the path of motherhood an invitation to dive deep and tend their inner flame.

Upcoming Circle Information 

*Please note that all children must be with other caregivers during the circles and no childcare is provided. Pre-registration for the circles is required.

Circle One, March 17th, 5-8 PM: Acknowledging the call to the sacred path of motherhood, we call in a deep layer of intention and create sacred practices for mamas.
Mama Project: Malas

Circle Two, April 28th, 5-8 PM:  Honoring the moment we became mothers, we cross the threshold into this uncharted territory of love that is heart opening, life changing and crazy making.
Mama Project:  Sealing Ceremony

Circle Three, May 19th, 5-8 PM:  Tapping the infinite well of the divine feminine, we open to the deliciousness of loving and living by awaking Shakti through voice, movement, and creativity.
Mama Project: Altars

Circle Four, June 30th, 5-8 PM: Expressing what is stirring within as motherhood pulls us into the essential truth of who we are, we follow the thread toward being more fully alive.
Mama project: Clay Creations

Circle Five, July 21st, 5-8 PM: Exploring the fears that keep us from living our fullest expressions as mothers, we transform whatever is holding us back into prayers for something greater.
Mama Project: Prayer Bundles

Circle Six, August 18th, 5-8 PM: Calling the dance of relationship, we expand the circle to include our partners and hold space to deepen our connections with our beloveds.
Couples project: Lovers Mandala

Circle Seven (Not at the Birth Center) September 15th, Time TBD: Standing at the edge, we step over the threshold of self-love to embrace our full beauty and unique gifts on behalf of our children and our communities.
Mama Project: Medicine Walk

Circle Eight, October 27th, 5-8 PM: Cultivating our inner knowing as a source of mother’s wisdom, we learn to trust our sixth sense and our own unique paths as mothers.
Mama Project: The Mother’s Wisdom Deck + Inner Knowing Oil

Circle Nine, November 17th, 5-8 PM: Weaving the light and the shadow through personal sharing and stories of mothers in our lives, we create tapestry of healing, celebration, and song.
Mama Project: Ojo de Dios

Circle Ten, December 15th, 5-8 PM: Honoring motherhood as a sacred dance of giving and receiving, we pamper and adorn each mama in the circle.
Mama project: Mother Blessing

Circle Eleven January 19th, 2020 5-8 PM: Bringing home the boon, we offer gratitude for the abundance and blessings in our lives.
Mama project: Despacho

Circle Twelve February 16th, 2020 5-8 PM: Circling one last time, we reflect on the deep experiences shared together and voice our intentions going forward.
Mama Project: Going to the bowl

Kind Words

“The Sacred Motherhood Circle was a fun, deeply tender and nourishing experience.  It was a rich combination of personal reflective work and group support.  It brought the magic back into my life!”  -Sarah G.
“I wish I could give these circles as a gift to every mama, both during pregnancy and post.  The circle is so sacred, and bringing other mamas together to share, witness, commune and celebrate who we are is something that is magical and unlike any other group or workshop.  Alexis’s facilitation is evident of all the hard work and commitment to carrying on these sacred circles.  She has a touch and holds the space so beautifully for the group of mamas.  Join in.  Nourish yourself.  You are worth the investment.  It’s your time!”  – Andrea L.
“Alexis is such a powerful and heart centered ceremonialist!  She holds such a gentle, loving safe space for mamas to show up as we are, to express ourselves authentically, to remember to nurture ourselves on every level and to remember how nourishing it is to sit in circle with other mamas.  She was so accessible and inviting, modeling the sharing and activities so humbly and beautifully…I feel a profound shift after each gathering and felt more connected to myself, my heart, my body, the earth and to the sacred circle of sisterhood and the precious power of mamas!” – Tal Liza M.
“Alexis is an authentic, nurturing and empowering facilitator.  I encourage every mama and mama-to-be to come to atleast one (but if possible, all) Sacred Motherhood Circles.  It allowed me to carve out special time just for myself – to feel blessed, witnessed, seen, and heard in an amazing and powerful way!  Thank you Alexis!  This has rocked my world!” – Katherine P.  

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Sacred Motherhood honors the light and shadow of motherhood. As we move through the seasons, we open our arms to hold everything under the sun because everything is sacred or nothing is sacred. Wholeness, balance and love – this is the way of Sacred Motherhood.

If you feel called to connect to your magic in the presence of other like minded mothers by joining these Sacred Motherhood Circles, contact me by calling 720-408-5393 or emailing


Tend your soul.


Sacred Motherhood honors the light and shadow of motherhood. As we move through the seasons, we open our arms to hold everything under the sun because everything is sacred or nothing is sacred. Wholeness, balance and love – this is the way of Sacred Motherhood.

If you feel called to connect to your magic in the presence of other like minded mothers by joining these Sacred Motherhood Circles, contact me by calling 720-408-5393 or emailing


Tend your soul.

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I help people who feel disempowered and unsure of themselves connect to their "Mana" (Hawaiian for power or life force). It's time to stop trying to escape your pain so that you can heal the parts of yourself that you hate and feel more self-love and self-acceptance so you can navigate life like a boss.

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