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How much do your services cost?

I am an in network provider with Cigna and Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield. If you are not using those insurance providers, individual sessions are $140 for 55 minutes or $210 for 90 minutes. Couples sessions are $210 for 90 minutes.

For the Sacred Motherhood Circles, preregistration is required. The first circle on March 17th is free to all who attend as a gift of Sacred Motherhood!

Pay $550 in full for the year program by April 1st and receive a $10/class discount and a gift of the Sacred Motherhood book or Mother’s Wisdom Deck (a $125 discount!)

Pay $275 for the spring and summer circles (6 circles total) by April 1st and receive an extra circle free (a $5 per class discount plus the first circle that is free to all).

Pay $330 for the fall and winter circles (6 circles total) by September 15th and receive an extra circle free (a $5 per class discount).

Drop in cost is $60 per circle, due two days before the date of the circle.

Do you accept insurance?

I am an in network provider with Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield, which means you will owe a copay or coinsurance amount per session depending on your benefits.  As I have limited insurance-pay slots in my practice, please contact me to see if I have any openings available before scheduling. I am a Certified Out of Network Provider with Tricare, when means you will pay me my full rate per session and I can submit claims to Tricare for you to be guaranteed partial or all reimbursement for the session, based on your benefits.  I am also able to submit claims on your behalf as an out of network provider for all other insurance companies.

I am not in network with Colorado Medicaid programs. While I have been approved at the state level, I have not been approved at the county level, so please disregard my listing on the Colorado Medicaid provider website.


Do you offer sliding scale?
As I accept insurance, I consider this to be my sliding scale offering.  I do not offer other options for reduced fee sessions at this time.


Do you offer free consultations?
The initial consultation is a full 55 minute session, free of charge if you choose not to continue working with me.  If you decide to continue, the session is charged at my full fee of $120 or based on your copay or coinsurance amount if I accept your insurance.  Payment is not due until the next scheduled appointment so that you have time to think about what you want to do without pressure.
What is your cancellation policy?
I require 48 hours notice of cancellation.  If you cancel in less than 48 hours, you will be charged for the appointment.  In emergency situations, I usually waive this policy, but this is up to my discretion.  
What modalities do you use in therapy?

While I use a holistic approach in my work with you, I primarily utilize a somatic approach called Sensorimotor Psychotherapy coupled with Internal Family Systems therapy, which you can learn about here (sensorimotorpsychotherapy.org/about.html) and here (ifs-institute.com)

What is online therapy?
Through a HIPAA compliant video/audio platform, you are able to come to sessions remotely from the comfort of your couch, office, vacation rental, etc. as long as you have access to a good internet connection from your phone, tablet, ipad or computer.  This can be really helpful for people with busy schedules who can’t spare the travel time, if you are out of town, dealing with inclement weather, or don’t live within driving distance. It is discreet, easy to use, and often makes quality therapy more accessible for those in rural areas or those who feel more comfortable in their own space.
Do you offer online therapy?
Yes, I do. Currently, I am licensed in the state of Colorado and I am legally able to provide therapy to Colorado residents.  Insurance usually requires that the first consultation session be completed in person, but all follow up sessions can be done online.
What forms of payment do you accept?
I prefer credit card payment through my online practice management system Simple Practice, but I also accept cash and check.
There are so many choices for therapists. What if I choose the wrong one?
The great thing about choosing a therapist is that you can always change your mind and look for a new one and you will have learned what you don’t want in a therapist to better inform your decision next time around.
What if I can't get out of my head and in my body?
Being in your head has had a lot of positives in your life too, otherwise you wouldn’t do it so much. So think of it less as trying to get out of your head and more like we are going to help you utilize MORE than just your head. As children, we are naturally more well-rounded, we are just going to help you reconnect to what that’s like.
What if when I start dealing with my shit, I feel worse then ever?
It is possible that you will feel worse for awhile, but my experience is that it doesn’t last. Our ideas about what its going to be like dealing with our shit is usually a lot worse then it actually feels. And more often then not, people feel better when they start dealing with their life. The only way out of the pain is through it.
How can I find the time for therapy?
It doesn’t matter how you show up – whether you’ve got throw up down your shirt or baby in tow or you have to eat as you talk. You can cut out non-essentials or do what you have to do in session to meet your needs so that you can show up. We can even do phone or online sessions to cut out travel time. But the truth is, if you aren’t feeling good, time doesn’t really matter. Wouldn’t you rather start enjoying the time you do have?
How can I afford therapy?
I understand that your family needs you and therapy is expensive when you have a new baby. Your family needs you to be happy and healthy so that you can show up fully for them. A few hours a month spent caring for yourself equals a better quality of life for your loved ones. No amount of money saved for them is going to matter if you aren’t well.
What if you threaten to take my baby away because of how I feel?
Kids don’t get taken away just because we feel bad. If that were true, most kids wouldn’t be with their parents. My goal is to make sure that you get to continue being a parent while you heal.
What if I feel too afraid to be me?
I’m a bit of a jedi when it comes to making women feel comfortable together because I have a non-judgmental, authentic way of holding sacred group space that helps women relax. But if after the first group you don’t feel good about the experience, I will offer you a refund for the remainder of the portion of groups not attended (if paid in advance).
What if I feel too exhausted or overwhelmed to come?
I want you to listen to what you need and take care of yourself (if that means not coming), but usually participants feel really energized by the end and are glad they came. All that matters is that you show up, but worry less about showing up showered or tidy or dressed well. However you show up is perfect.

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I help people who feel disempowered and unsure of themselves connect to their "Mana" (Hawaiian for power or life force). It's time to stop trying to escape your pain so that you can heal the parts of yourself that you hate and feel more self-love and self-acceptance so you can navigate life like a boss.

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