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Holistic psychotherapy in Broomfield, CO

Individual Therapy

You hate the way you feel – about the direction of your life, your relationships (or lack there of), and most importantly, about yourself. It’s hard to know the next right step to take to change things when you are riddled with self doubt. Overthinking usually ends up in either not taking any action in your life to change how shitty things feel or not feeling confident about and happy in the choices you do make. Your people pleasing tendencies make you rely too much on what other’s think you should do or how you should be rather than your own internal compass. You’re tired of feeling small and the lack of self love and self acceptance often sends you into a shame spiral. You to try to feel better in well-intentioned but unhealthy ways, such as being an over achieving workaholic to try to feel better about yourself, or using drugs and alcohol to soothe yourself, or trying to lose yourself in sex or romantic relationships to have someone validate you. But in the end, they don’t really work and they end up hurting you. You want to stop, but it’s so hard to and you don’t know how.

Become confident in the badass that you are.

New Parent Counseling

You may be reading this with glazed eyes and an exhausted heart. Whether you are pregnant or settling into life with an infant, you really had no idea it would be this hard. Others may have shared with you that having a child and becoming a parent is hard “but it’s SO worth it, it’s such a joy!” Few probably shared the hard truth. No one really told you how hard it could be to get pregnant, to be pregnant, or to be a new parent.

If you are a mother, maybe no one told you how much pregnancy and birth would impact every biological, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspect of your being. How hard it could be to feel normal again postpartum. Or how hard it could be to navigate the intense roller coaster of emotions. As a dad, maybe no one told you how hard it could be to watch your partner struggle through pregnancy, birth or the postpartum period (while you deal with your own intense feelings about becoming a dad), that you might feel confused and helpless in your parenting role, or struggle to integrate how life is now versus how it was.

Whether you are a mom or dad parenting solo or in a partnership, no one REALLY told you how much life would change. How much freedom would be given up. How tired and sleep deprived you can get. How hard it can be to know the best right way to care for your child. How to protect your partnership while managing the ups and downs of parenting. You are able to recognize some of the beautiful and sweet moments, but you really need help either individually or as a couple managing all the hard stuff.

Ride the rollercoaster of new parenthood with ease.

Supervision and Consultation

You want an LPC supervisor in the state of Colorado that not only can guide you in practicing counseling ethically and sustainably so that you can have a long and rich career, but also a supervisor that can walk with you as you hone your unique gifts and talents in counseling while exploring the Self as therapist and what we bring with us into the counseling room.

If you are looking for Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) Consultation you are looking for a consultant that really gets the model by incorporation into their daily life and can be a grounded guide in helping you gain expertise in facilitating the model and developing more Self-Leadership in the process.

Find a guide to help you learn and grow as a therapist.

Alexis Ornellas LPC | Mana Counseling | Boulder CO

Hi, I’m Alexis.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Internal Family Systems Therapy Therapist, Approved Internal Family Systems Therapy Clinical Consultant, and I have been a psychotherapist since 2010. I have training in many therapeutic modalities that help me bring a holistic approach to my work with you. I am most jazzed about using somatic approaches and Internal Family Systems therapy to help you heal and accept yourself.  Learn More…

I can help you learn to love yourself.

Contact Me

I help people who feel disempowered and unsure of themselves connect to their "Mana" (Hawaiian for power or life force). It's time to stop trying to escape your pain so that you can heal the parts of yourself that you hate and feel more self-love and self-acceptance so you can navigate life like a boss.

Alexis Ornellas, LPC

Address: 80 Garden Center, Suite 2 Broomfield, CO 80020
Phone:  646-651-2312
Email: alexis@manacounseling.com




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